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9 suggestions to save money for internet shoppers

Online shopping on e-commerce sites is increasingly popular because of its convenience and speed. However, because of this convenience, many women have become “addicted” and have to spend more money than before. Join vccandbank pocket immediately tips that can help you save money when shopping online!

1. Hunting promo codes at shopping stores

Promo codes/coupons are always used by shop owners to attract customers, especially on special holidays like “Black Friday” or traditional holidays like New Year’s Sale events,… You can save money up to 70 or 80% depending on the store.

You can use these promo codes as a better way to manage your spending, which can save money you a significant amount of money when shopping online. Also, you can browse coupon sites like to get coupons & discounts from brands.

Hunting promo codes at shopping stores
Hunting promo codes at shopping stores

2. Make a list of items to buy

Whether you shop in person or buy online, there are hundreds of diverse products to attract you to spend money to buy. Even if the item is not in your needs.

Therefore, you should check in advance what you are missing and make a list of things to buy. Make a list in order of your priorities and determine a specific amount for each purchase. This way, you will save not only money but also time, limiting the possibility of being distracted by other items.

3. Compare prices in many different shops

Before buying any item, you should also compare prices, models, and quality between shops on different e-commerce sites to be able to find the best product. Especially for household goods, electronics, furniture, … will be challenged at different stores.

4. Choose a “multipurpose” item

When choosing furniture, you should buy smart, multi-functional appliances, such as an oil-free fryer, vegetable peeler, etc. This not only saves space in the kitchen. It can also save money you quite a bit of money. Get rid of cluttered, rarely used items and if possible, replace them with “all-in-one” items right away!

5. Buy from the same supplier

Shipping costs are one of the main causes of the increase in the cost of your order. Depending on the distance between the buyer and the seller, this cost can be as high as the value of the item you need to buy.

To save money on shipping costs, you should divide the products you need to buy into separate groups. For example, food group, furniture group, and electronics, … and choose to buy each group separately in the same store to enjoy the discount…

6. Follow favorite stores

Stores often give away discount codes or launch new products at discounted prices to promote shopping demand. Store sales can be tied to an anniversary, like a brand launch or new campaign, that you might skip if you don’t “like” or “follow” your favorites. It’s this store.

Besides, you can also follow celebrities (aka KOLs). They will also be the ones to negotiate with the shops and give out discount codes for the followers. Just save money and time, and don’t be afraid to “follow” right away!

7. Check out product reviews

The trend of online shopping is becoming more popular, which also means that there are more people competing, many people selling fake and fraudulent goods but taking high prices. One of the ways to save money when shopping online is to read product reviews from previous buyers.

Check out product reviews
Check out product reviews

You should check the credibility of the store you want to buy from and read the reviews, see the actual photos from other customers to help you visualize the product, and not buy the “fake” product. . At Findcouponhere Blog, we also do many reviews of products and brands that are loved and cared by many people like bonobos daily grind suit review.

8. Choose an experienced consultant

You can consult your parents, relatives, friends, or even lovers, who have experience with the product you are looking to buy. This will help you choose a place to sell, a good price, and avoid scam situations.

Besides, having an experienced companion will also help you reduce the urge to buy unexpected things, thereby saving money for yourself.

9. 48-Hour Rule

With items, you really like but don’t feel like you really need, put the item in your cart and come back in 2 days to decide whether to buy it or not. This is the time to consider so you don’t have to waste money on unnecessary items.


Above are 9 tips to save money for online shopping “addicts” that vccandbank sent to you. Hope you can apply so you don’t waste money anymore!

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