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<strong>Best Way To Ship A Car From California To Texas</strong>

Moving takes a lot of energy, especially if you have to send a car across the country. Between 1,600 and 1,900 miles separate California and Texas on average.

It is preferable to ship an automobile from California to Texas rather than do the lengthy road trip by yourself given the great distance involved. Consequently, how much does it cost to ship an automobile from California to Texas?

ship an automobile from California to Texas

To learn more, please continue reading below. We’ll go through everything you need to know about driving your car such a long distance and who to contact for more information.

What Is the Price of Shipping a Car from California to Texas?

You need to take into account a few different factors to figure out how much it will cost to ship your car from California to Texas. Consider the distance, for instance.

Texas and California are separated by a distance of 1,600–1,800 miles. You should anticipate that the price to ship the vehicle over such a long distance will be higher than if you were only shipping it locally.

Car Transport Costs from California to Texas

Most auto transport businesses bill by the mile. It costs roughly $0.58 per mile on average.

Of course, each transport business has its own pricing, so getting a quote is the best way to find out how much your travel will cost. Transporting your car often costs between $1050 and $1350.

Carrier Type: Enclosed vs. Open

There are two ways to transfer your car: enclosed transport and open transport. Your car will be hauled behind other vehicles on a trailer during open travel.

Compared to enclosed transport, which encloses your car in a trailer, this alternative is far less expensive. The only distinction between the two alternatives, aside from price, is how exposed to the elements your car is.

With open transport, the weather—including rain, mud, and dust—is at your vehicle’s disposal. Enclosed shipping, however, shields your car from harmful elements.

What Is the Best Method to Ship a Car From California to Texas?

You must locate a reliable business to transport your vehicle if you want to move it from California to Texas. Before discussing your insurance alternatives, they will first provide you with a price for the transport cost.

Take pictures of the vehicle and thoroughly clean the interior of your car before they carry it. Your vehicle’s condition before and after the transfer is attested to by the Bill of Lading, which the transporter should need you to sign. You should file a claim if any damages exist.

How Much Time Does it Take to Ship a Car from California to Texas?

Your car will arrive in Texas after a hauler transports it from California in an average of four to six days. It can take several hours to a day to lock your car on their trailer when they pick it up.

Depending on where they pick up your car and where they need to put it off, a typical driver travels 450-500 miles per day, which can take up to six days. Of course, the weather and traffic should be taken into account since they may cause a delay in the drop-off date and time.

How Does Car Shipping From California to Texas Work?

When you discover a business that you want to work with, they will give you an estimate for your transportation. The next step is to choose a time and date that are convenient for both you and the business. Before leaving your car to the transporter, it is best to clean it out and take pictures of the inside and outside.

The transporter might need to pick up other vehicles after loading your car before making its way to Texas. The transport firm will keep you informed of the whereabouts of the car throughout your journey.

They might leave the vehicle in front of your house or another nearby location where they can offload it safely, depending on your preferred drop-off location.

It is crucial to keep in mind that even if your car is delivered to your front door, the transporter might still need to leave it somewhere else. This is because they will travel to a site nearby where they can safely remove your vehicle from the trailer if you reside in a location where it is difficult for them to navigate.

The Best Car Shipping Way From California to Texas

A reliable auto transport business with a large network of drivers is the best way to ship a car from California to Texas. It is advisable to engage with a business with a stellar reputation if you want to make sure your vehicle reaches its destination securely and undamaged.

Contact us for a free estimate if you are prepared to transfer your car and want additional details on your final cost. Any queries or worries you may have regarding the cost of your trip and the procedure can be addressed by our experts.

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