The common answer when asked about the use and benefit of having a massage would probably be for relaxation.

Although true, it is also great to know that there are a lot of benefits a massage can do to your body.Aside on reducing muscle tension or giving relief to persistent pain, massages or therapeutic massages can also enhance one’s physical and emotional well being leading to a better quality of life.

Taking a massage can lessen those stress and anxieties that have been bugging you for the week. It actually releases the tension, not just in your muscle but the tension you had with your boss or other distractions. And after that massage you can go home expecting a better slumber as it also improves your sleep. Massage is easily available for everyone; even if you are pregnant you can also have the pregnancy massage Singapore.

Having known all these benefits, get to discover the common types of massage you may want to try:


This Western type of massage is the most widely used practice of massage therapy. Swedish fencing master and gymnastics teacher Henrik Ling popularized it.


Shiatsu is also called the finger pressure massage and Zen shiatsu. It originated in Japan and is also being compared to acupressure but still is different based on the targeted specific pressure points.


As what is mentioned, even pregnant women can have a massage with the pre natal massage. This helps relax your muscles and helps improve circulation and mobility. You can still continue it after giving birth with the postnatal massage to ease after pregnancy stress and muscle strains.


The hot stone massage therapy basically involves warmed basalt or other stones and are massaged to the body with warm oil. The hot stones help warm up tight muscles and are also placed over shoulders and back helping body relaxation and increasing circulation. Its origin came from Native Americans who used stones warmed by fire to treat aching muscles.

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