Traveling in Singapore can actually be an easy breezy considering its small geographical space and easy transportation system. Before coming to Singapore it is best that you do some research first for your itinerary. Start by finding your place of residence and suggestively choose those in the middle of the projected places you will most likely visit. The best thing about many temporary residences in Singapore (it may be a condominium, serviced apartments, or hotel) is they are almost always near an MRT station. Plot your go to places based on their proximity and from there you can identify how you can be able to transport from one place to another. One of the best things when commuting in Singapore is you are secure of your safety with its latest road safety products Singapore, strict traffic rules, and watchful officers.

Not familiar with Singapore’s transportation / commuting system? Read along to learn more:


Bus is a common transportation in Singapore and has over 300 scheduled bus services that are mostly operated by SBS Transit and SMRT Buses. There are also different types of buses that you may find in Singapore. The trunk buses are double decker- buses that may travel to your desired destination. They also have some Night buses for those who will go home late at night after some weekend night out. They operate late Friday nights, weekends and eve of public holidays. The City Direct Buses is convenient for employees as they provide direct service to the Central Business District and operates for two trips on weekday peak hours day and night. You can also buy the EZ- Link card to save you money and time when paying for buses.


The MRT or Mass Rapid Transit is probably the most popular means of transportation while in Singapore. It is also one of the fastest way to go around the country’s famous spots. Singapore’s MRT was also considered one of the most clean transport systems worldwide. You can also avail the EZ- Link Card that can be purchased on any Transitlink Ticket Office or GTM, same as those for buses. You can avail them for the top- up value of S$10 with the maximum stored value of S$100. The MRT links you faster to famous Singapore spots like the Orchard Road through the Orchard MRT Station.


Agreeing with probably other parts of the world, taking a cab is still the most convenient means of transportation in Singapore. It is hassle free to hail a taxi in most of its parts but keep in mind that they are very strict with where they can only alight and pick- up passengers. Expect careful drivers that are very keen on following the different road safety signs and also are well informed with the directions avoiding passengers to get lost. There are also taxi booking options which may vary on booking fee.

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