No one would ever be able to avoid the beauty looming near about the Merlion statue. The weirdly-designed building with three towers and a big boat at the top asks for any visitor’s attention. It is simply called the Marina Bay Sands.

The Marina Bay Sands was developed by the casino company, Las Vegas Sands. The Marina Bay Sands is also the most expensive stand-alone casino property in the whole world.

The Marina Bay Sands not only has casinos in it but also caters a much more exquisite crowd having a luxurious resort, a culturally enriching museum, two theatres and a variety of designer shops in the shopping area, The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands. The big boat-like structure at the top of the Marina Bay Sands is what they call the SkyPark. Visitors can dine in over at the SkyPark and hotel guests can dip in the famous infinity pool. But people often use the spot to take wide angle photographs of the Singaporean skyline. It is one of the main photography attractions that a visitor can have amidst the Singaporean Skyline or Singapore’s bright night lights.

The Marina Bay Sands was designed by renowned Israeli/ Canadian architect, Moshe Safdie who had also worked with other notable projects like the Salt Lake City Main Public Library, Khalsa Heritage Center in India and the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art in Arkansas. Safdie is best known for his use of curves, geometric patterns and flashy windows in his designs. The self-described modernist also noted is his use of open spaces and lush spaces as can be seen in his works. Safdie is well known to be a true artist bringing out his craft in terms of liveable spaces.

In an interview, Safdie mentioned that the inspiration for the design of the Marina Bay Sands was primarily a deck of cards, being that it is promoted for the casino purposes. The architectural plan also was heavily scrutinized by feng shui masters to bring good luck to the structure. The masters were the late Master Chong Swan Lek and Master Louisa Ong-Lee which supervised the structure.

Talks have it that the construction is delayed because of the feng shui prediction of another “luckier date” for the project completion. The whole Marina Bay Sands Structure is full of feng shui elements, including the lotus flower structure which is the Art Science Museum, who symbolized the wood element of the whole structure.

Truly, the Marina Bay Sands is a fusion project of the east and the west, helping the whole project succeed into full fruition.

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