Gift giving never gets old and before the year ends, find out what the latest trends are in corporate gift giving in 2020. Thanks to the growth of economy over the past years, corporate gift giving is also on the rise. The holidays are coming up real fast, so find out what corporate gifts you should and could give to bosses, colleagues, and business clients, and other important tips!

o No matter what year it is, your gift depends on the budget you set.
Setting the budget for corporate gifts can be challenging. The price range is wide, the budget set depends on the person (is it for the boss or a fellow employee?) you’ll be giving the gift to, and the preferences vary. To help you with your budget dilemma, it’s safe to say that $50-60 is a good price to set when looking for and buying gifts. If you’re willing to stretch the budget when giving a gift to your boss, $100 is a comfortable spend.

o Pricey gifts are back.
Those working in the real estate, law, financial services, consulting, and medical fields can give their new or loyal clients extravagant presents. Expensive tokens are much appreciated by clients or customers. This remains a great way to solidify business relationships and foster goodwill between parties.

o Give gifts under $300.
Quality gifts can be purchased for $300 or less. Thanks to online shopping, you can scout the Internet for great and unique finds, compare rates, and discover promos or discounts.

o Gift ideas for 2020: Books
Books are a wonderful gift to give to colleagues. Why not buy a book that’s about giving tips or advice for a stress-free weekend? For colleagues who love to travel, why not the latest issue of a travel guide book? For those who love to cook or bake, purchase a substantial cookbook with great reviews. Books are a thoughtful corporate gift to give and will be much appreciated by the recipient.

o Gift ideas for 2020: Scarves
If you’re in an office where people keep complaining about how cold it is, scarves will be a most welcome gift. Buy scarves in neutral colors, so you can give them to both men and women in the office. Since the holidays are coming up, the cooler season is fast approaching and scarves are a fashionable and useful accessory to fight off the cold season.

o Gift ideas for 2020: Gift certificates
Gift certificates are a practical gift to give, especially for employees. Give gift certificates that people can spend on cafes, restaurants, or department stores. Don’t give gift certificates that are for specialty shops (sports, women’s wear, etc.). Give something which can be used by anyone in the office.

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