If there is or will be a list of the top reasons that make people mad or lose patience these days, the slow internet connection might have a great chance to be on top. Internet connection has somehow became a necessity on many factors and for various sectors. There are many companies and jobs that now require the use of the internet for their production. It became a bridge for local companies to reach the global market. Aside for work, the Internet became a need for almost every household too. From dial- up to wireless connection, parents have already included it to their budget for their kids, and for them as well. Social networking played a big role for the massive use of the net.

Slow internet delays and wastes a lot of time in production and even for recreation. It definitely tests a person’s patience while waiting. And so to ease the agony, let this top solutions for slow internet connections help and guide you:


The first thing that you should check before ranting is the actual connection itself. Make sure that all lines are connected. Double check your modem and router’s power connector or cable and also try to reset it to make sure. Turn off your router for about 20 seconds before switching it back on. Try checking other people’s connection too to identify if the problem is in the connection as a whole or just your computer / gadget.


If you are already properly connected and still your internet is slow, then try asking yourself: “Am I even paying enough to get the faster speed I need?”. You can go to websites that can run a speed test for your computer. This way you can evaluate whether you are getting the speed that you are paying for. If it matches and it is low, then basically it is because you are paying for a slower speed internet plan. When this happens, you can contact your internet service provider for consultation and upgrade to a faster speed plan.


So you have checked your connection’s hardware, power connectors, and signal, and your internet speed is accurate, what else then? Simply check how much you are using your bandwidth at the same time. If you are downloading movies or big sized files in Torrent, while streaming music online, and browsing the internet, then you might want to hold your horses and slow yourself down. Close some of your programs to minimize bandwidth usage. Also take into consideration some of internet service providers’ monthly fair use policy as you might have consumed them already which slows down your connection.

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