Many have chosen Singapore as their destination for employment and source of income. There are a lot of investors that have showed interest on putting up a business in the country primarily because of its great business cycle and disciplined workers. The country has also been tagged as one of the leading companies in modernization and economy growth. Aside for the investors and starters, the consumers also play a big role to its success. Even on having high cost of living, the people in Singapore can still manage to maintain higher lifestyle because of greater individual net worth as compared to some neighboring countries. But there are also a lot of convenient retail boutiques, stores for cheap mobile phones in Singapore, lower priced establishments for the middle to lower class consumers.

If you are an entrepreneur or want to start a business in Singapore, let this list help you choose what kind you would want to up:


Singapore has been considered as one of the food capital of Asia, having a great number of local cuisine and different food establishment surrounding this little country (geographically speaking). People go to some of the famous boulevards and avenues here looking for the various long line of food hub to choose from and munch on. If you are intending to put up a food business in Singapore, there are some considerations that you have to consider. It will not be that easy looking for work force as restaurant jobs or kitchen staff don’t want to work for long hours, or if they would then expect high salary demand.


If you are looking for the latest gadget then you are to be sure to find them in Singapore. Even some of our gadgets are made in Singapore. Singaporeans are definitely on the lead in terms of modernization and many residents there have exhausted gadgets as an ordinary part of their lives already. You can tell by the numerous stores selling Samsung mobile Singapore and other top brands that even their means of communication is also ahead among other countries. Be prepared to also put out a big investment in case you would want to sell gadgets, but do expect a fast return of investment as well.


If you will be considering a year round hit in terms of the type of business you would want, then maybe real estate is a good choice. With brothers Robert and Philip Ng of Far East Organization leading the Forbes List of the richest men in Singapore, it has been a testament that real estate is still the most profitable industry in the country. There are a lot and a very long list of residential options in Singapore: from hotels, condominiums, town houses, to serviced apartments. But if you are planning to stay in the country for long term, you can never lose option for real estate companies to help you out with.

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