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How To Get Followers On Twitch : 7 Working Tips

In the past ten years, Twitch has become the most popular and profitable live streaming platform in the world. In 2020 alone, it will have more than 140 million monthly users and a turnover of 2.3 billion US dollars! You may be wondering how you can get real Twitch followers, a piece of the cake and become the next feeling for Twitch’s? Don’t worry, in this article we share the top 7 tips to expand your channel and now bring followers to Twitch!

How to get more followers to Twitch

Twitch followers are difficult because subscribers are bombed with reports via their e -mail address and Twitch account. So you must earn the increasing viewers on Instagram before you convert them into followers in their channel. Although their subscribers are slowly growing when streaming Twitch, there are many ways to speed up this. Here you will find detailed tips and instructions to bring more followers to your Twitch channel, and a method to do this.

Ask your viewers to follow your channel

You should avoid If you want your channel to the audience the best turnover in followers. Perhaps some of them think, especially when they are a You-tuber that this method does not work. Let me tell you that this method, although this method has been used on YouTube, you never ask your viewers to follow your channel.


Why, unlike YouTube, where you record a video, streamers have to send his video live on Twitch. Then you have to speak live for an audience. Unlike You-tubers, Twitch Streamers are ashamed of asking their viewers because they don’t know who their viewers are in the online world. Your brain might think that you have the audience, that is, H. strangers on the internet to follow their channel. It is clear that your brain is wrong, so this method only works because many spectators do not expect that you do it to follow your channel

Choose your niche

Your audience has great content and returns. That is why you must organize your content in the niche that enable you and your audience to find you! There are many popular ingredients to choose from:

  • Spell
  • music
  • Sport
  • Podcasts
  • Craftsmanship
  • And more

This day in your feed will help others find their content based on their interests.

Constant streaming

Most Twitch streamers fail here. Many streamers only stream like a hobby, so they only stream if they have time. Even if your viewers like you don’t view your stream because you don’t have time. In contrast to YouTube, where your viewers can view your content at any time, your viewers can only see them on Twitch while you stream live. Although their viewers can see VOD videos recorded live, I bet your rag will not see.

Create a catchy head

This is the simplest but most important aspect in making any form of content on Twitch. If you want to put on your potential subscribers, you must give your feed something that meets your needs. Here are our top tips for choosing the best title for your show:

  • Use funny titles. For example, if you stream a game, call your game skills.
  • Be honest with the title. If you have lies, you have clicks, but never loyal subscribers.

Always make sure that your stream title describes your content, so that the public is not confused. If you challenge your stream, state it in the title because the challenges always attract viewers. Always add emojis to the title for aesthetic reasons

Advertise your channel on social media and YouTube

You can use social media to advertise for your Twitch channel. Set Instagram, Twitter and other social media accounts for your channel. You can use your personal social media account to advertise your channel, but be warned. It is best to separate your personal account from your business account. In my experience, work and Twitter the best for streamers because most players use Instagram and Twitter. I do not recommend making a Facebook page, because it is only effective for Facebook gaming streamer.

Share your best clips on Instagram and Twitter to win potential subscribers on your channel. Enter gamer groups on Facebook and Discord and actively advertise your channel. In addition to social networks, you can upload and transfer your clip to YouTube. Edit your stream to make it shorter and more convenient for YouTube viewers. Wait 24 hours before you upload streams to comply with the Twitch Partner Agreement.

Plan your streams

People lead a busy life, so planning their content should be a priority for them like Stream. It is very useful to keep a consistent schedule for your content, because your followers know how to adapt to your streams. Before you build your schedule, we have some golden advice for you:

  • The best time you can stream on Twitch is between 4 p.m. and 6.30 p.m.
  • A factor that makes this time frame suitable is that there is an average viewer of more than 3.6 million people who observe trees during this time of the day.

That is why it would be much easier for them to get followers on Twitch if they are streaming at the moment of the day. So what are you waiting for? Remove your agendas and now make your schedule!

Communicate with your followers

One of the main reasons why people love so many vibrations is an interactive nature. Spectators usually always send donations and subscribe to the maker who deals with them. If you want to create more options to communicate with your followers, we have some great tips for you:

  • With your followers a questions and answers: it is a simple and entertaining way to give your followers a little insight into your personality while you build and build a bond with you.
  • Talk to the chat: this is the most common way in which all makers treat their followers and they should not be different.
  • Share experiences with your followers: If you have tips and tricks for a game that you play or a vessel that you do, just divide it! This is a very entertaining way to keep the conversation in your stream

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